Cytology Quality Improvement: Part 1-Read and Review

Cytology quality improvement is the subject of a recent article published in the Nov 2011 issue of the Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Your homework (and mine) is to read this article, and then we will follow-up and discuss it. Click on the link to read and review the article. Bookmark this page, or set a reminder to come back and revisit. I will be posting a follow-up commentary on the article.

Arch Pathol Lab Med. 2011 Nov;135(11):1387-90.
Quality improvement in cytology: where do we go from here?
Renshaw AA.

Context.-Cytology is a success because of the many quality controls used to ensure the accuracy of its results. Nevertheless, additional information is becoming available to the cytologist, often from untraditional sources, and the best way to use that information to improve the quality of cytology is not yet known. Objective.-To review ways to use new information to improve the quality of cytology.

Data Sources.-Review of relevant literature.

Results.-Information contained in many sources can be used in new ways to improve the quality of cytology. These include the timing of cytologic and histologic correlation, electronic medical records, workload information, prior aspirations, and molecular tests.

Conclusions.-To maintain their high standard of excellence, cytologists should seek to define the most appropriate way to incorporate this new information into their interpretation of individual cases.
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