6 Thyroid FNA Topics For Your Review

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In 2008, Baloch et.al. published a summation on the NCI Thyroid FNA “state of the science” conference. This article is nice to have for your  desktop references on thyroid FNA. (Are you getting the theme here…yup…I have been reviewing and studying this topic…again, so, I am just sharing the “love”).

The authors provide an “abridged version” of the conference topics and the website, and “…is not [considered] a “standards of practice” guideline, …[and it is not] endorsed…by the National Cancer Institute.”

Thyroid FNA Topics For Your Review:

  1. Indications for Thyroid FNA and Pre-FNA Requirements
  2. Training and Credentialing for the Performance of Thyroid FNA
  3. Techniques for the Performance of Thyroid FNA
  4. Diagnostic Terminology/Classification Scheme and Morphologic Criteria for Cytologic Diagnosis of Thyroid Lesions
  5. Utilization of Ancillary Studies in Thyroid FNA
This is a great reference to put to the side and have available for a quick review at your convenience. I find it also helpful to provide to colleagues who perhaps have a general exposure to thyroid FNA, and are wanting to learn a bit more about it. If you have handy desktop references to share, please contact me or post in the comment section below.

(Via The National Cancer Institute Thyroid fine needle aspiration state of the science conference : A summation Baloch ZW, Cibas ES, Clark DP, Layfield LJ, Ljung B, Pitman MB, Abati A – CytoJournal.)

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