My Winter With Marley and Buddie-A Final Schnauzer Tale!

Well….all I can say is WHAT A WINTER!

Some of you probably recall my prior blog about my miniature schnauzer Marley, who got sick after my vacation last summer.  This was not more than a month after losing little Missy last summer. So, as you recall, the summer was a bit challenging. My other 9 year old male miniature Schnauzer, Buddie, thankfully was healthy and doing well.

During the Fall and Winter, Marley held on and did well, with much medicine, special food and lots of attention and love. Unfortunately, he started to lose weight again, despite 2 cans of dog food a day. His spirits were always high, and he still was a spirited little fella and loved to be pampered.

Around Christmas time, he wasn’t looking well at all, and I was afraid I would lose him at any time. One day, I let both of the boys outside to “do their duty”.  After sufficient time, I opened the door… here came Marley…running full blast…as usual….but no Buddie….I called for him, and finally he came. However, there was something very wrong. I still don’t know exactly how it happened, but he went down in the back legs and was paralyzed! He went from perfectly healthy and normal to paralyzed! I scooped him up and took him to the vet, but wasn’t given a very good prognosis. By the next day, he was completely down, and  I had to put him to rest…heart breaking.

Sadly, my precious Marley, wasn’t able to hold on, and passed a couple of weeks later. It was almost too much to bear!

I have found it very hard to write with such a sad heart, but hope to find my voice again. Thanks for listening.

Little Missy girl

Little Missy girl


Buddie and Marley


Marley after surgery…poor little fella

For those of you who own Schnauzers, you may want to also read the related article below. Warning…tissues needed.

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