In honour of Cytotechnology Day…

I received this submission from one of my Blog visitors, and have posted for everyone for Cytotechnology Day 2013. I encourage everyone to acknowledge each other on this special day, by posting comments to this post and in giving thanks to those who have had an impact on your career. You may also enjoy reading this post from 2012 if you missed it. The Populist Cytologist™…Enjoy!

Hi Jana,

On Monday 6 May I hosted a small science talk night in Melbourne, Australia. One of the people talking was Dr Clare Hampson, a forensic pathology trainee and sometime comedian. She did a talk on George Papanicolaou and the creation of his smear. I thought you might be interested in the talk – both informative and hilarious – especially with the 13 May being Cytotechnology Day. I hope you enjoy it.

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GYN Pathologist and Cytopathologist. Special interest in quality assessment and use of online social media in sharing educational information about cytology and quality.


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